The renowned research institute Prognos investigated the branch and competence fields in a study of the Ulm Innovation Region.

In a comparison of all districts and independent cities within Germany, the Ulm Innovation Region achieved nationwide top positions in five fields of competence:
Position 8 in the fields of competence metal and mechanical engineering,
Position 9 in the field of competence pharmaceuticals/health,
Position 26 in the field of logistics,
Position 26 in commercial vehicle construction.

In other branches, too, the Ulm Innovation Region is represented widely and strongly, as the list of branches shows and the number of over 5,000 employees:

BranchNumber of employees
Retail industry (not including trade in automobiles)            15.122
Wholesale trade (not including trade in automobiles)            11.963
Health care            11.804
Mechanical engineering            11.703
Public administration, defence, social insurance            11.703
Manufacture of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts              8.245
Education and lessons              7.000
Production of metal products              6.655
Preparatory construction site work, construction installation and other construction industries              6.550
Manufacture of data processing devices, electronic and optical products              6.339
Metal production and processing              6.091
General storage as well as the provision of other services for transport              5.233