Education in the Ulm Innovation Region
Optimum chances and perspectives

The development perspectives for children and teenagers are exceptionally good in the Ulm Innovation Region. Girls and boys are occupied with science and technology from playschool upwards. Model projects ensure close links between playschool and primary school. The international school and the basketball boarding school at the "Urspringschule" in Schelklingen allow education in an international environment. Numerous further education schools prepare children in a practical manner for their studies and careers. Educational networks allow the exchange of experience between the world of work and schools.

With their broad spectrum of subjects, the University of Ulm, the Ulm University of Applied Sciences and the Neu-Ulm University are extremely popular. This is verified by the consistent growth in student numbers. Naturally, their high positions in further education rankings help them stay popular.

Those who would like to gain further qualifications can find competent partners for the subject of training and further training in the region.