Optimum chances and perspectives for vocational training and studies: this is ensured by 160 primary, secondary and vocational schools, 21 secondary modern schools and 29 grammar schools in the Ulm Innovation Region. In addition to the state schools, renowned private schools such as the "Katholische Mädchengymnasium St. Hildegard" (Catholic Girl's Grammar school of St. Hildegard) in Ulm or the independent Waldorfschulen (Rudolf Steiner schools) have a superb reputation. The International school of Ulm/Neu-Ulm and the "Basketballgynasium" (grammar school) with a boarding school in Urspring feature an international learning environment. Contacts and co-operations with the economy and further education establishments are entered into and maintained at an early stage through networks.

After finishing a general education, numerous vocational schools provide diverse opportunities for obtaining further qualifications.

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Grammar schools

Whether sciences, languages, music, sports or art: the grammar schools in the region provide a wide spectrum. There is even a biotechnological grammar school. Highly gifted children are given particular support, for example at a support point for gifted children at the "Lessing-Gymnasium" in Neu-Ulm.