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Ulm Innovation Region: A Leader in the South

This region of Germany is one of the most dynamic in economic terms and the birthplace of many new companies. Here the locational advantages of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg unite. Our administrative districts Alb-Donau and Neu-Ulm are considered, according to the magazine FOCUS, as being amongst the 30 strongest economic regions in Germany. The "Prognos Zukunftsatlas" (Atlas of the Future) 2016 has placed Ulm – at position 17 out of 402 districts - as a location with "extremely high future opportunities".

However, not just the career opportunities and working conditions are top-class here. Maximum quality of life isn't just a marketing concept here in the Ulm Innovation Region: this fact has been impressively confirmed through the investigation "Deutschland zum Wohlfühlen" (Living comfortably in Germany) (Deutsche Bank Research): The Danube-Iller region has taken first place. It is the leader in terms of satisfaction with life in general, per capita income, low unemployment figures and high birth rates. The "GlücksTrend" (hapiness trend) survey from ARD and infratest dimap 2013 has also shown that the Donau-Iller region is one of the six regions in the whole of Germany to have the highest satisfaction values for its population.
An environment worth experiencing made up of culture and nature, affordable rents and property prices, superb educational and leisure time establishments: Just feel right at home in a region which has a lot to offer.

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