Explore and enjoy nature

Biking and hiking buses as well as trains for reaching tourist attractions and museums start running on the 1st May. The “Biking and hiking buses and trains” offer is valid on Sundays and holidays, until the 16th October.

This offer is particularly suitable for cyclists, hikers and day trippers interested in exploring the Swabian Alb or wishing to visit the Danube valley. You can travel with your bicycle by bus or train to a starting point and come back hiking or biking.

The stops are matched to the leisure facilities. This enables you to visit castles, caves, museums and a number of events without a car.

The offer includes the following routes:

Biking and hiking bus Laichinger Alb (Rad-Wanderbus Laichinger Alb), bicycle transport possible
Route: Blaubeuren - Westerheim - Laichingen

Biking and hiking bus Lautertal ((Rad-Wanderbus Lautertal), bicycle transport possible
Route: Munderkingen - Hayingen - Münsingen

Lautertal leisure time bus (Lautertal-Freizeitbus), bicycle transport possible
Route: Ehingen - Münsingen - Hayingen - Zwiefalten

Biosphere bus (Biosphärenbus), free of charge, bicycle transport possible
Route: (Bad Urach) - Münsingen - Römerstein - Heroldstatt - Münsingen

Swabian Alb train (Schwäbische Alb-Bahn), bicycle transport possible
Ulm - Schelklingen - Münsingen - Engstingen (rail car or rail bus)

Shuttle Bus Archeopark (Shuttlebus Archäopark), bicycle transport not possible
Niederstotzingen - Stetten - Archäopark Vogelherd

Local train and Alb-Bähnle (Lokalbahn und Alb-Bähnle), bicycle transport possible
Lokal train Amstetten - Gerstetten, museum rail car or steam train
Alb-Bähnle Amstetten - Oppingen, steam train or diesel locomotive

Find further information, timetables as well as biking and hiking tours on the Alb-Donau District tourism website.