Students highly satisfied with the Ulm University

The latest ranking by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) revealed very high students satisfaction at the Ulm University. This time, the courses “Electrical Engineering” and “Information Engineering” as well as the Departments of Chemistry, Biology and Psychology have been re-evaluated. More than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in the German-speaking countries have taken part in the survey.

The Ulm University gets high marks: the latest CHE University Ranking places the Deparment of Chemistry and the courses “Electrical Engineering” and “Information Engineering” into the top group “Overall study situation”. The students at the Ulm University gave top marks to the study courses “Electrical Engineering” and “Information Engineering”, for example, for the teacher support, the job market preparation or for the equipment in the rooms and laboratories.  In addition, the study courses showed good results in the categories “Graduations in appropriate time” and “Research”. One vivid example is the above-average number of 3.1 publications per scientist since the last evaluation three years ago.
"The good performance of the Ulm University is largely thanks to the commitment of the lecturers who devote themselves to teaching with great enthusiasm and vigor. They not only provide for the motivated students, but also for the highly qualified young academics”, says Professor Irene Bouw, Vice President for Teaching and International Affairs at the Ulm University.
Especially the lecturers at the Department of Psychology provide excellent support while studying. The Department belongs to the top group of all surveyed universities. The students at the Department of Biology, which also includes the course “Biochemistry”, can graduate their studies efficiently and quickly. Nearly 84 percent of undergraduate students and 90 percent of graduate students have graduated within the standard period of study or prolonged their study period by a maximum of one or two semesters.
Every year, about one third of all subjects offered at the universities in Germany, are re-evaluated in the CHE University Ranking. The Ulm University´s courses “Mathematics” and “Economics” got once again top marks in 2015. The results have been published in the ZEIT Students´ Guide 2016/2017 and are available on the internet. The ranking provides information for first-year students about the evaluation of the courses at the universities. The students at more than 300 higher education institutions have been surveyed. In addition to their assessments about the studying conditions, the ranking also includes the facts about study programmes, teaching and research.    

CHE University Ranking 2016/17