Stadt Blaustein

Address: Marktplatz 2, 89134 Blaustein

Tel.: 07304 802 0

Fax: 07304 802 111

Mail: stadt(at)


Branch municipal administration
Business fields
public administration, water park "Bad Blau"
Location Blaustein
Employees 300

Blaustein (a city with about 15,500 inhabitants) was granted privileges of a town on the first of November 2014. This event was celebrated by local government and citizens. The city is located west of Ulm and surrounded by the Blautal, Kleines Lautertal and the Swabian Alb.


Blaustein consists of the districts Arnegg, Bermaringen, Dietingen, Ehrenstein, Herrlingen, Klingenstein, Lautern, Markbronn, Weidach and Wippingen which were suburbanised. The city is easily accessible by car via the federal highway 28 from Ulm to Blaubeuren and Tübingen.


The development of childcare facilities and services in all areas – school as well as kindergarten - is expedited and are progressing. There are offers to support families in reconciling working and family life like social work at schools, child care offers in school holidays as well as the possibility to go on excursions and take part in many-sided events offered by clubs, churches and the city council.


Each district provides adequate sports and meeting places and youth clubs. About 100 clubs grant an active social life and they are main pillars of social and cultural life in Blaustein. The theater in Herrlingen has been attracting theater lovers for about 20 years.


Especially innovative mid-size companies and craft producers as well as the traditional limestone mining have characterized the economic structure to this day.


The new city core has evolved into an urban center where you can find the town hall, library, notary, police, post office, church, senior home, water park Bad Blau, sports hall, the popular weekly farmer’s market on Fridays and a shopping mall with doctors, pharmacies and specialty shops.


Good public transport links are provided by buses and the railway line Ulm-Sigmaringen. Blaustein is located near the motorway A8 and A7 and the federal highway B 28 which makes Blaustein easily and quickly reachable by car.


For more information, please contact the town hall (phone 07304 / 802-0), the local district administrations or visit our website: