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Brauerei Gold Ochsen GmbH

Address: Veitsbrunnenweg 3-8, 89073 Ulm

Tel.: 0731 164 0

Fax: 0731 164 200

Mail: info(at) 


Branch Brewery
Business fields
Production and sale of beer specialities
Locations Ulm
Employees 200

Brauerei Gold Ochsen GmbH
Quality through freshness is the practiced principle that the 418-year-old Ulm brewery, Gold Ochsen, has always pursued. Gold Ochsen boasts 18 top-class beer specialities in its range. All beers are brewed according to the German Purity Law.

Fascination with beer brewing characterises the 18 beer specialities of the Ulm brewery. Gold Ochsen combines originality and advanced beer culture, and is known and enjoyed far beyond the Donau city. The brewery produces all different kinds of beer for the various target groups, buyers and tastes. They range from the “classics”, Gold Ochsen Original, Pils and Special, to different wheat beers, Kellerbier bright and dark, modern calories reduced light beers and alcohol-free variations. Furthermore, seasonal beers and a strictly limited edition vintage beer are brewed. Above all, Gold Ochsen is convinced that beer needs tradition – that’s why it has always based its production methods on the traditional brewing arts. This begins with the selection of ingredients. Fine and aromatic Tettnang hops, barley and wheat cultivated in the region and crystal-clear water from the brewery’s own well are the ingredients used to produce Ulms liquid gold. With target investments such as the new bottling plant on the newest state of technology and an ecologically friendly storage beer-cellar with best standards, the Ulm brewery has achieved the status of one of the most modern breweries in the region.
„From our trainees, we expect a high degree of independence, teamwork and openness to new ideas. In return they can expect a professional qualification at Gold Ochsen. With initiative and commitment there are many doors open after training.“
Karlheinz Mack, personnel manager Brauerei Gold Ochsen.