burkert gestaltung gmbh

Address: Riedwiesenweg 6, 89081 Ulm

Tel.: 0731 140 669 0

Fax: 0731 140 669 66

Mail: kontakt(at)burkert-gestaltung.com  

Web: www.burkert-gestaltung.de 

Branch visual communication
Business fields
marketing strategies, corporate design,  webdesign, film, 3D animation, media technology, events
Location Ulm
Employees 9 (burkert gestaltung) / 2 (burkert dimensions ) /
1 (burkert filmschmiede) / 4 (wollmann medien)

Welcome to the Ulm ideas factory!
More ideas – more fun – more success: This is the motto we work hard by every day.
In September 2014, burkert gestaltung, burkert filmschmiede, burkert dimensions, wollmann medien and the events agency flow were all brought together under one roof – the Ulm ideas factory!

We offer you complete solutions and strategies from a single source – from creating your brand to designing its visual and digital identity and then launching it on the market. No matter whether in print, on film, in 3D, via media technology or by staging events – we are the key to your success.

If there's one thing we all agree is of the utmost importance, it's continuous improvement. Living in the true sense of the word means never stagnating or simply maintaining the status quo – the definition of life is change. This rule applies to everything, especially visual communication. All too often, company managers focus narrowly on spreadsheets and forget about the values of yesterday, and visions fade from the very first meetings if backward-looking decision-makers thinking solely of their own careers are in charge. People who dare to try something new can stumble and fall – but those who insist on doing the same old stuff will never even get the chance to fly and are of no use to a company. We want to change and improve alongside you, and take bold steps together. You're welcome to carry on doing things the same way you always have done with a different agency. What we do is develop surprising yet coherent and consistent solutions.

There's a good reason why many of our partners say we're "the most creative agency in the south of Germany"!