Address: Im Lehrer Feld 1, 89081 Ulm

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Fax: 0731 15 39 109

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Branch Metalwork
Business fields
Production and sales of guns for sports and defense
Locations Ulm, Arnsberg, Fort Smith/USA
Employees 280 in Ulm

Tradition of Innovation:

The Carl Walther company was founded in 1886 in Thuringia. Today Carl Walther is famous for reliable police and law enforcement pistols as well as high-quality sporting rifles and pistols. 

Both product segments evolved from almost 130 years of state of the art gun manufacturing branded with the world renowned “Walther-loop”.  Since 1953 Walther and the city of Ulm are closely connected. After first being located near the city center at Karlstrasse, Walther moved to a new innovative facility to the industrial area “Im Lehrer Feld” in 2005.

Walther´s legendary handguns enjoy an excellent reputation and are sought after worldwide. The German Army´s pistol P38/P1, modern P99, PPX or PPQ pistols or the PPK – James Bond´s favourite (sidearm) - have mass appeal.

Numerous domestic and international police units make use of and rely on their Walther P99 series service pistols. Just recently the Dutch police replaced the Walther P5 pistol they used for decades with the new Walther P99Q-NL. The new contract comprises a total volume of 45.000 pistols to be delivered over several years.

In 1993 the PW Group, Arnsberg, acquired Carl Walther. Increased market demands were met through restrengthened activities. New sporting guns were designed for Olympic shooting events. Walther service activities at international top shooting competitions were increased.  Walther added additional models and variants to its P99 service pistol family. 
Walther manufactures the majority of its guns in its new modern factory in the city of Ulm, well-known for its highly skilled regional labor market. In 2013, the US subsidiary Walther Arms was founded in Fort Smith/Arkansas - the high demand for products "Made in Germany" in the United States and other international countries required a stronger global presence.