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Zweckverband Interkommunales Gewerbegebiet Munderkingen

Address: Marktstraße 7, 89597 Munderkingen

Tel.: 07393 598 0

Fax: 07393 598 130

Mail: rathaus(at)


Branch public administration
Location Munderkingen
Employees 2

Intercommunal industrial area “near the B311" in Munderkingen

In the intercommunal industrial area exists completely developed business and industrial real estates:

•    ready to build, optional distinguishable land
•    low prices, optimal conditions
•    conveniently located near the B311
•    sponsoring to EU Directives are possible
The centre of Munderkingen has a good infrastructure, schools and other public facilities. Living in Munderkingen could be very well, it’s the city with the special flair. The Danube town Munderkingen - 1.200 years of history with a long tradition and a lot of Innovation. Experience our picturesque Old town with its narrow streets and frame houses. The gastronomy expects you with exquisite delectabilities and local service providers offer great service and quality.