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Neu-Ulm is an open town that is characterised by its dynamic development. And right now, Neu-Ulm is going through considerable changes. A number of large-scale projects in the recent past have had a positive impact on the town's landscape. And the process is far from over.

Fit for the future

The railways tracks throughout the town centre have been lowered, which has facilitated urban development in the inner town. The State Horticultural Show was held here in 2008. A flood protection system has been constructed and a new higher education institute has been built along with a multipurpose hall. Moreover, the former redevelopment areas now have new uses and important transport routes have been redesigned. All of these factors have contributed to making Neu-Ulm fit for the future.

Diverse economic structure

A number of reputable companies have located their operations here and created jobs, attracted by the good transport connections and the fact that Neu-Ulm and Ulm together constitute a new regional centre. The business landscape is varied and largely represented by SMEs, which makes Neu-Ulm an attractive work location, where, tradition and technical progress go hand in hand.

Attractive town centre

The town centre is currently undergoing considerable enhancement. The Glacis-Galerie has considerably raised Neu-Ulm's status as a shopping location. Moreover, high-quality residences are being created along the Danube. Streets and squares in the town centre are being redeveloped to make them more attractive and enjoyable to spend time in.

Extensive facilities

Neu-Ulm provides a dense network of educational and support facilities for children and teenagers. And because life does not merely consist of being at home, studying and working, great importance is also attached to leisure activities for all. As a young and dynamic town, Neu-Ulm offers something to suit all tastes: art, culture, a lively restaurant and bar scene, plus sports and of course recreational facilities.