ovummarken strategieberatung gmbh

Address: Marlene-Dietrich-Straße 5, 89231 Neu-Ulm

Tel.: 0731 98588 875

Fax: 0731 98588 876

Mail: info(at)ovummarken.de  

Web: www.ovummarken.de 

Branch brand consultancy
Business fields
corporate branding, employer branding, internal branding
Location Neu-Ulm
Employees 10

We are a brand consultancy that is specialized in creating strategies for Corporate Branding, Employer Branding and Internal Branding. As the brand-management challenge of the 21st century, the reduction of complexity is our utmost concern. Our goal is to create simple and stunning solutions for complex brand-management issues.

To emphasize our statement, we chose the egg as our company symbol. Why? Due to its simple, maybe perfect form. And because it holds the plan of life in it.
We do a lot to come near to this ideal: we develop our consulting-tools by ourselves, we check them frequently with empiric methods and we invest in consultants with several years of working experience.
Two kinds of consultants work together within our company: brand experts and creative ex-perts. The synergy of their different perspectives turns us into the creative consultancy we want to be.