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Sanierungstreuhand Ulm GmbH

Adress: Neue Straße 102, 89073 Ulm

Phone.: 0731 1538620

Fax: 0731 1538638

Mail: info(at)  


Branch Building construction, town planning
Business fields Urban renewal and development, energy consultation, demolition, project coordination, construction, town planning
Locations Ulm 
Employees 10

About Sanierungstreuhand

SAN is a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Ulm, and has been an important player in the field of urban renewal and redevelopment for 40 years. The interdisciplinary team of SAN is acting as trustee and service provider for Ulm and the communities surrounding Ulm.


The main tasks of SAN are drawing attention to issues regarding town planning and the social environment in widely differing redevelopment areas, establishing tailor-made solutions, and supervising their implementation including planning and support.

For the love of the quarter

The objective of SAN is to bring back life to the ageing quarters of the city, and to convert them into attractive and sustainable residential areas for the future. The main focus is on the continuous and broad participation of the quarters’ home owners and residents. They receive detailed information regarding the possibilities and objectives of future redevelopment measures and are involved in the procedures at an early stage.