Seeberger GmbH

Address: Hans-Lorenser-Straße 36, 89079 Ulm 

Tel.: 0731 4093 0

Fax: 0731 4093 66 5000

Mail: info(at) 


Branch Food industry
Business fields
dried fruit, nuts and coffee
Locations Ulm
Employees about 500

Seeberger – a name that has stood for experience, highest quality and maximum pleasure for more than 170 years. Lovers and connoisseurs of dried fruits, nuts and speciality coffees can rely on hand-graded, optimum quality. The company’s success is the result of high standards practised throughout the production chain – from planting through harvesting to grafting and delivery. What is more, this family-run, medium-sized company can draw on its many years of experience and a comprehensive quality control system.
Enjoy the great variety of Seeberger´s range: whether dried fruits and nuts as a snack or high-quality ingredients for cooking and baking. The natural taste of our fruits, the crunchy freshness of our nuts – these are the signs of quality that Seeberger´s customers particularly value.
Since the building of its coffee roasting house in 1882, Seeberger has evolved to become one of the oldest speciality coffee businesses in Germany. In exalted gastronomy and catering, the name Seeberger is synonymous with the finest coffee aroma and maximum reliability in quality and service.
Clear values, which forge a link between tradition and the future!