Südwest Presse - Neue Pressegesellschaft mbH & Co.KG

Address: Frauenstraße 77, 89073 Ulm

Tel.: 0731 156 0

Fax: 0731 156 585

Mail: marketing(at)swp.de 

Web: www.swp.de

Branch Media
Business fields
Printmedia, Online Services, Radio, Television, Postal Delivery Services, Telecommunications, Agency Services, Delivery Services, Fairs, Daily Newspaper, Advertising Papers, Magazines
Location Baden-Württemberg and Brandenburg
Employees 1600

Südwest Presse, one of the largest news publishing groups in Germany, has a combined readership of 1 million every day in a distributional area a third of the size of Baden-Württemberg.

Through daily newspapers, online news services, apps, advertising papers, magazines and digital media Südwest Presse partakes in the daily life of local people in the region.

Good journalism, trustworthiness and a diversified portfolio of services are the foundations on which one of the largest regional media groups in Germany rests.

The Neue Pressegesellschaft mbH & Co KG – based in Ulm -  is the holding company which includes Südwest Presse as well as the Märkische Oderzeitung in Brandenburg.