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Branch Pharmaceutical Company
Business fields
Development, production and marketing of a wide range of specialty medicines, generic and OTC products
Locations In Germany company headquarters in Ulm. Branches in Blaubeuren/Weiler and in Berlin.
Empolyees about 3.140 employees in Germany

Teva in Germany
In Germany, Teva maintains a broad portfolio comprising innovative medicines, branded products, generics and over-the-counter medications. At its sites in Ulm and Blaubeuren/Weiler, Teva boasts state-of-the-art production facilities both for chemical goods and for the manufacture of biotechnological agents. Its diverse portfolio puts Teva third on the German retail market (IMS 12/2013). Teva has Germany’s most well-known and most-used medicines brand as part of its group. In Germany, Teva is therefore one of the leader among generics companies.

Biggest-selling manufacturer of medicines
As well as producing chemical medicines, an independent manufacturing plant has also been built in Ulm for biopharmaceutical agents and biopharmaceutical end products. All in all, production in Germany in 2013 produced 320 million packs of medications. These also include about eight billion tablets and capsules, threemillion litres of liquid medicines, just about 1,000 tonnes of ointments and more than139 million units of sterile medicines.

Generics development activities for the whole of Europe concentrated in Ulm
Research and development at the Ulm facility is part of the global Teva organisation. Germany plays a central role in the development of new versions of generics. All of the development activities for the whole of Europe are concentrated in Ulm. Over 300 research and development projects involving new generic versions for Europe are currently in the pipeline.

An international global player
Internationally, Teva is one of the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies and is the world market leader among generics companies. The global group, which has its headquarters in Israel, employs about  45,000 people and achieved a turnover of US$ 20.3 billion in 2013.