Address: Magirus-Deutz-Str. 16, 89077 Ulm

Tel.: 0731 169 06 0

Fax: 0731 169 06 191

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Branch IT-Services
Business fields
Development, sales and distribution of web-based logistic services in order to optimize transport logistic processes of industrial and trading companies
Locations Ulm, Kempten, Krakow (PL)
Employees ca. 220

Imagine you are just about to finish university, sitting with three friends enjoying a convivial barbeque together, when suddenly a fantastic business idea comes to you: a Web-based logistics platform linking industrial and trading companies with their carriers…

15 years later, the bright idea has developed into TRANSPOREON, a company with international operations. Founded in the year 2000, TRANSPOREON is now the European market leader in electronic logistics platforms, optimising shipping and logistics processes and dramatically improving the communication between companies in the industrial and retail industries and their carriers, drivers and the recipients of their shipments. The TRANSPOREON Group operates the TRANSPOREON logistics platform, the TICONTRACT e-sourcing platform and the MERCAREON logistics platform for trading companies. The group’s platforms link up over 600 shippers, around 30,000 carriers and a total of around 60,000 users in 70 countries. Freight orders worth 8.5 billion euros are currently organised and placed using the TRANSPOREON Group’s solutions. The platforms are available in 17 languages, with customer support and service provided in 18 languages. The four friends who founded the company now manage a team of over 215 employees throughout Europe. And as a recognised Chamber of Industry and Commerce training company, with trainees making up around 10% of its staff, TRANSPOREON is now one of the region’s top employers.

Dynamic, innovative and team-oriented – that sums up TRANSPOREON. The numerous awards the company has received are proof of it. In 2011 TRANSPOREON was named by Deloitte as one of the 50 fastest-growing German technology companies – with growth of 260% in the previous five years. And the success story is a long way from being over…