Address: Röntgenstraße 10, 89584 Ehingen

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Branch Mechanical engineering
Business fields
Development and manufacture of hydraulic elements and control systems
Location Ehingen
Employees 150

TRIES in Ehingen has been involved in the development and manufacture of hydraulic elements since 1964. Then as now, resourceful engineers create functionally matured products at the highest technical level. Innovative technologies, reliable quality and partner like collaboration with our customers, allow creative solutions. Our development engineers are never satisfied with what they have already achieved, and never choose the second best solution.
This is also part of the TRIES company philosophy.

With this attitude, we supervise and advise customers, and try to convey this basic approach to our employees and trainees. This has made us one of the leading providers of hydraulic components. A range of highly interesting standard designs, solves many of our customer's hydraulics problems straight away. Valves in a variety of designs and functions, hydraulic aggregates with hydraulic or electrical controls, control blocks made of aluminium, cast iron and steel according to requirements specification, rotary transmissions, joysticks (electrical and hydraulic), and high performance compact cylinders in several construction sizes are available at short notice.

Our tools are knowledge and high-tech. In this way, sophisticated products at top quality emerge. Both as individual problem solution, in small batches, in medium sized quantities, and in large series. Uncompromising quality awareness can only be achieved with the latest technology, and state of the art processing machines. Quality assurance is the highest priority. Better to avoid errors than search for them. Our control system works effectively, and exposes outliers immediately, before even theoretical damage can occur.