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TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

Address: Benzstraße 17, 89079 Ulm

Tel.: 0731 4915-0


Mail: is-nl-ulm(at)


Branch Ingenieur- und Prüfdienstleisungen
Business Fields Ingenieur- und Prüfdienstleistungen für Hersteller und Betreiber von Anlagen, Gebäuden und Infrastruktureinrichtungen
Locations Zentrale München, weitere 17 Standorte in Deutschland
Employees TÜV SÜD AG ca. 25.000, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH ca. 2.300, Niederlassung Ulm ca. 100 Mitarbeiter

What we stand for

Intensive quality assurance, design and manufacturing that conform to standards has never been more crucial to the industry. Our strength lies in providing services at every stage throughout the life cycle of a system or plant – from planning and sourcing to installation, commissioning and maintenance, decommissioning and disassembly.

Steam & Pressure Technology (STP)

We help our clients launch a product or access new markets by complying to the appropriate standards and directives.

In-service inspection
 Pressure Vessel
 Steam Boilers
 Storage Tank
 Fuel Stations
 Manufacturer
 Pressure Equipment
Risk Management (RMT)

Risk Assessment and Consultancy:
 Related to insurance in the unbundled risk management
 Related to risk management, assessment and consultancy
 Risk-minimization and reporting, damage evaluation-reports
Power and Systems (PWS)

Business line focus:
 Conventional Power Plants (CPP)
 Wind Power (WIND)
 Solar Power (SOLAR)
 Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE)
We are increasingly covering geothermal, hydropower and bioenergy.

Nuclear Power (NUC)

Nuclear Consulting & Inspection:
 Internationalize Nuclear Consulting business in growing markets with reliable technology
 Maintain strong position as leading Technical Support Organisation (TSO) to Authorities in Germany even for decommissioning items
Chemical, Oil and Gas (COG)

Our decades of experience and integrated know-how in plant safety and process safety  has positioned us to manage complex plant projects in the TIC market of:

Oil & Gas
 Upstream (exploration, production)
 Midstream (Processing, Transportation)
 Downstream (Refining, Marketing)

Chemical & Petrochemical
 For inspection and consultancy Services