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ulmer heimstätte eG

Adress: Söflinger Straße 72, 89077 Ulm

Phone: 0731/93553-0

Fax: 0731/93553-33

Mail: info(at)


Branch Real Estate Branch
Business fields Renting of Apartments
Locations Ulm
Employees 30

ulmer heimstätte eG
Founded in 1896, the ulmer heimstätte is the largest and oldest housing cooperative in Ulm. As a modern housing company with 30 employees, its focus is on letting its own housing stock.

Right to live for life
With a property of approximately 2.400 apartments, the ulmer heimstätte offers its more than 5.600 members living space at reasonable rents, right to live and profit sharing.

Maintenance, modernization and new construction
Our tenants live predominantly in attractive urban locations. Their satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, the ulmer heimstätte steadily invests in the maintenance and modernization of the housing stock. With a consistently high investment volume, the ulmer heimstätte supports the regional construction industry and helps to preserve jobs. The primary objective is to adapt the apartments to today's living standards, in particular in terms of energy efficiency and the elimination of barriers.This way, the ulmer heimstätte will be able to offer its members good, contemporary and attractive living space for rent in the future as well.

Our savings facility
The savings facility is exclusively open to members and their dependents and totals at more than € 40 million of saving deposits. The savings are invested exclusively in our own home ownership, which helps the ulmer heimstätte financing their construction activity and ultimately also benefits the regional craft. But not only the ulmer heimstätte benefits from the savings, but also the savers benefit from receiving attractive interest rates.

Service for our members
The wide range of services includes not only service and advice for our members but also our own caretaker and craftsman service.