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Branch Medical Technology
Business fields
Development, production and sales of medical technology
Locations Ulm, sales subsidiary in the USA
Employees 320

Faszination Medizintechnik

ulrich medical develops, produces and markets innovative medical technology. Physicians and users worldwide trust our more than 100 years of experience.

"Made in Germany"

We are one of the few in the industry with development and production in Germany and we rely on the most modern manufacturing technology. Our products stand worldwide for the highest degree of quality "Made in Germany".

International success with three product fields

Our spinal systems unit develops, manufactures and distributes implants primarily made of titanium. These are used for treating injuries and illness from the neck to the lumbar spine.
Known as a technological leader in the field of contrast media injectors, our devices provide reliable support for modern diagnostic imaging. We are market leader with our pneumatic and automatic tourniquets in Germany. Providing an optimal view at the extremities due to a decreased blood supply, our tourniquets are used for diverse surgeries in almost every hospital in Germany.

Investments in the Region

As a family-owned company, we operate independently and are proud of our continuous, healthy growth. We offer secure jobs to our employees. We have by now grown to include more than 320 employees – the trend continues upward.
Our current job openings as well as proposals for internships and traineeships can be found at www.ulrichmedical.com/karriere.

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