Uzin Utz AG

Address: Dieselstraße 3, 89079 Ulm

Tel: 0731 4097 0

Fax: 0731 4097 110

Mail: info(at) 


Branch Chemical construction industry
Business fields Full-service provider and system partner for flooring-competence. With the brands Uzin, Wolff, PALLMANN, Arturo, codex and RZ the Uzin Utz AG offers a broad range of products, systems and services for the installation, renovation and maintenance of floor coverings of all kinds.
Locations Production sites in Ulm, Würzburg, Ilsfeld, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, China and USA
Employees about 1200

The Uzin Utz AG
Continual change with sustainable development – this is the phrase which best describes what began with the foundation of the company in Vienna in 1911, and has today become Uzin Utz AG: Over the last century, the company has developed from a small, regional adhesive producer to a complete supplier and system partner for all aspects of flooring expertise, which is now active in 46 countries worldwide. 

Worldwide Operations
With the brands of UZIN, WOLFF, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ, Uzin Utz AG offers a comprehensive range of products, systems and services for new laying, renovation and value retention of floor coverings of all types, parquet, ceramic tiles and natural stone, supporting craftsmen, the trade, planners and architects in all questions relating to flooring – from substrate preparation to laying and sealing, and on to the care of the finished flooring. 

The corporate philosophy
Uzin Utz AG acts conscientiously & reliably
We assume responsibility... consistently towards our staff, partners and customers. We respect them as they are and promote their diversity.
Uzin Utz AG is very much aware of its responsibility toward its staff members, partners and customers and always thinks and acts on this background.
Uzin Utz AG treats the trust of the staff members, partners and customers very observantly and responsibly.
Uzin Utz AG acts with competence & consistency.

We know what we're doing. We not only strive to be number 1 on the floor, but also for our staff members, partners and customers. This is what motivates us. Uzin Utz AG is comprehensively competent in all aspects of the floor. We think and act in whole systems, not only in individual components.Uzin Utz AG acts sustainably and is value-focused for the benefit of the staff members, partners and customers.
Uzin Utz AG acts dynamically & forward-looking.

We strive to always foster our astute mind. We are therefore not surprised by the future, but we're rather always one step ahead. Uzin Utz AG thinks and acts with flexibility, is not surprised by any development and can actively adjust to any situation. Uzin Utz AG does not sit and wait for what happens in the future, but anticipates trends and future developments aligning its actions accordingly.