Sapa Building Systems GmbH

Address: Einsteinstraße 61, 89077 Ulm

Tel.: 0731 3984 0

Fax: 0731 3984 241

Mail: info(at)wicona.de

Web: www.wicona.de 

Branch Aluminium building systems
Business   fields
Provider of building systems for ambitious, functional and energy-efficientaluminium system solutions for curtain walls, windows and doors
Locations Ulm (headquarters), sales offices in Ulm, Leipzig, Ratingen
other locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America
Technology Center in Bellenberg, Germany
Employess ca. 500 in Germany

WICONA (Sapa Building Systems GmbH)

WICONA realizes ambitious, functional and energy-efficient aluminium system solutions for curtain walls, windows and doors that meet the highest standards.
As an aluminium system supplier WICONA can supply with the skills which are required to turn ideas into built reality – at the same time respecting economic aspects. A multitude of buildings certified with green building labels like DGNB, Leed, Passive House or Minergie are exemplary for the creative, constructive and successful cooperation between investor, architect, fabricator and WICONA. All over the world.

WICONA – “Technik für Ideen”

The slogan is characterised by its dynamic effect and forward-looking approach. “Technik für Ideen” represents both, the target group of architects with their creative planning services, and the specialist metal building companies who are responsible for the technical implementation of these plans. Planning and building require a high level of creativity and artistic freedom from both target groups, in order to turn ideas into actual buildings. WICONA supports this dynamic process with its best know-how, intelligent high-tech products and perfect service.
WICONA – in the group

The group Sapa AS in Oslo, Norway is the world’s largest provider of extruded aluminium products and employees around 23,000 people in more than 40 countries. Sapa Building Systems, with its brand WICONA represents an important business segment within Sapa AS.

All WICONA activities in the areas of research, development, marketing, sales and services are coordinated at the headquarters in Ulm. Solutions for the future are developed and tested in the WICONA Technology Centre in Bellenberg.

Further information: WWW.WICONA.DE